Command & Conquer™: Rivals PVP

Command & Conquer™: Rivals PVP

By Electronic Arts

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-12-04
  • Current Version: 1.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 205.41 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5611
From 32,044 Ratings


There’s no victory like one against your rivals! Feel the rush of competition in Command & Conquer: Rivals, an action-packed RTS with strategic tactics capable of turning the tide of any battle. Take control of your customized army and conquer your opponent in The War for Tiberium. Team up with friends to share resources in alliances. Create your combination of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more to outsmart your opponent’s strategy in fast, fun PvP matches. THE THRILL OF VICTORY IS YOURS In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your skills determines victory or defeat. Choose a Commander to lead your forces – each holds powerful abilities that can influence your approach. Customize your army with winning combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more. Then evolve it to align with your Commander’s unique abilities, before unleashing destructive weapons and vehicles in quick and exciting PvP battles! REVEL IN RIVALRY Test your strategy against your opponent’s strategy in live PvP as you battle to outwit your rivals in real time! Choose to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or Brotherhood of Nod. Restock your supplies and boost your army with valuable supply convoys. Join an alliance to team up with friends, share resources, and climb the leaderboards. Complete daily challenges for massive rewards that improve your Commanders, weapons, and abilities. Grow your army with every victory in this adrenaline-fueled RTS! Important Consumer Information. Some images shown may contain in-app purchases. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Allows to communicate via in-game Alliance chat feature. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don't want to share your game play with friends. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries EA may retire online features after 30 days' notice posted on



  • Can't Connect to server !!! 👎👎👎

    By Arthur ppk
    " An Error Occurred while connecting to EA "
  • Baby it's cool, just let us know.

    By chrisklok84
    It's great fun, especially to those with great "tip-of-the-hat-manship". Definitely a game of strategy. However, when I have 2 level 9 confessors (maxed out) guarding an area, mowed down by a single approaching level 6 confessor... I don't know what to think. My sportsmanship can only stretch so far. I guess I think of it as weight class. C&C likes to compare level 8 vs. Level 10. There's a chance right? Nope. They mash your level 7 units against level 10-11. If the higher-level opponent is awesome they'll bow out (they know the uneveness of probability) otherwise be prepared to disintegrate. It's cool, companies have to make money and this is clear gambling-behavior exploitation. I appreciate all the effort, time, and design you've provided for this "free" game. Just be upfront about it. Or explain how two defending level 9 confessors were destroyed by a single level 6? Your stats don't match up guys. Just say "pay to win" so you're at least transparent about your intentions. Business Model: let'em win, deprive, win, deprive, then they pay. Come on people, be cool and upfront. Thanks though for the wins that require money for more wins. Different day: In under 10 seconds from "go", I was met by 2 missile squads and 3 disrupters! I barely put out both harvesters. They start you off with 100 tiberium. Somehow my opponent started off with 550? 30 for barracks, 40 for squad, 120 for tech, 360 for 3 disrupters. All this and zero wait time? Come on man. I will bet you can't explain this one either. And: how is my level 8 everything vs. level 11 everything not a challenge battle? There's almost zero chance of advancement if I keep dropping 20 pts. 7 battles back-to-back with 10-12 level units? Am I hoping my challengers fall asleep? Dude...dude...
  • Fun but not if you’re not paying

    By Taylormade2
    This is a great game for about two weeks and then you hit the wall. The only way to get over that wall is to pay. Currently, every opponent is 3 levels above me. I can’t even drop levels if I try because every battle is a challenge with no medal losses. Not enjoyable when the challenger is level 11 and I’m at 8.
  • Not Command and Conquer

    By Aircraftfan
    The game is trash. Pay to win. Everything becomes the “who can win the destroy the harvestor battle. The game is unbalanced at higher levels.
  • Idiot developers match you against higher opponents constantly

    By Ep1cOne
    This is the worst designed game I have ever played. Why would you constantly play opponents whose troops are ranked 2-3 levels higher. After a while playing you will get matched against outranked players constantly. Shame on the developers. It’s so easy to correct.
  • Okay but still needs more balancing

    By Rickus22
    Today, I was defeated on three different occasions by seconds as General Solomon used his ion cannon to destroy my base. On each occasion I had control of 2 or more control points. I had also fought off repeated attacks on my base by the opponent but still lost due to this issue. No one should be able to destroy you base with an exterior weapon. Okay to use units to destroy the base which at least takes some skill. It is a cheat that should at least be reduced in intensity when used on the base. Also, you cannot get to the help sight through Safari, so why have it. Another way that EA avoids helping players. When I first started this game there was good customer assistance. Non-existent, so you have to put it in a review. Finally, your increase on the super tanks of only 20 points was a joke. Why not reduce the power of the super units on both sides and the cost, so more people can use them in the game.
  • Did you earn a crate?, pay to open it! SAD

    By Valentino-5
    I spend 2 days filling a crate with cards, to tell me at the end that I need to pay to open the crate that I worked for! All is pay pay pay! Win a crate? Pay to open it! SAD!
  • Question

    By Jakes the best 69
    Why would you make a competitive rts that isn’t fair? Why would you make this pay to win? Its just so greedy and not very wise.
  • Great game

    By fast paul
    I have been playing the game for a while and must say that it is a fun and generally well balanced game (how can light infantry be as fast as light vehicles?) that requires fast action and reaction. However, the game against Bots is not challenging and therefore not suitable for testing the effectiveness of different units and combinations. Please change that. Paul. R.
  • C&C fans, this game wasn’t for me.

    By Where do these stairs go?!?
    I’ve played this game for a while now and I’m very frustrated. Though this game has many different units to fight with from the original C&C, Red Alert, and Tiberium, and it has a similar feel to the original games, you will never be satisfied. You are limited on what you can do in game, who you can fight with and the number of units you can fight with - building speed is slow after you have 3 fighting units and 2 harvesters on the field, and if you get 4 fighting units, it drags beyond belief. You are constantly put up against other players that can kill you before you can even start the match, you are constantly put up against people who only use the ion cannon from GDI and the chemical missile from NOD - there should be a limit to this in game because you don’t get to have very many units on the field, some units fight slower then they used to like the Titan, and some units fight faster then they used to like the Mammoth. Whether it be them having that one unit that will knock out your harvesters and air support in one go, or having infantry killing units that will kill 3 teams of 5 infantry, with just 1 team of 3 units of energy thrower or flame thrower infantry. Numbers is numbers, triple team is a triple team and that should matter but it doesn’t. This game is very tilted to those who are more powerful then you are, cause you face more powerful opponents all the time, and those who constantly use ion cannons and chemical missiles. And this whole thing about trying to take missile platforms, though useful a little of the time, they are pretty useless because it takes too long to fire when occupying even multiple platforms and they are a unnecessary task to try and accomplish in game. The original C&C games didn’t need you to take missile platforms to try and beat the enemy, you built what you could and had to use extreme tactics with large forces to conquer your enemies. But you can’t do any of that in this game. I could go on and on about what this game is lacking in comparison to the originals, but what it does do to make up for it, is to stack up the enemy so you lose all the time and inhibit you for even trying to fight back.